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In this heat Veggies and plants need to be watered almost every day but with a little planning and care you can preserve water and keep more of your precious time for playing in the sun! Here are a few tips to keep your garden lush and green even in this heat!

Soaker hoses are one the best way to deliver water to plants. They soak the soil around the base of the plant where its needed most instead or sprinkling from above where much is lost to evaporation. Hardware stores have great systems that can be installed over an afternoon or a weekend depending on how elaborate you go.

Automatic watering systems on a timer ensures that your plants get what they want when they need it and makes lots more time for you to enjoy the garden.

Water early in the morning or later in the evening. This can help conserve water as less is lost to evaporation and most plants will be feeding during those times.

Avoid misting plants in the heat of the day, overhead watering can burn plant’s leaves if applied in direct sun and moist leaves are subject to molds, fungus and disease. Plus you are more likely to end up with burned shoulders as well. Some plants such as Rhododendrons curl their leaves to conserve water – don’t be tempted to mist wilted leaves until the cool part of the day.

Potted containers in direct sun will most likely need to be watered every day. Pots cannot hold much moisture and are generally way hotter than soil under ground so they will dry out much faster. It’s almost impossible to over water a pot but so easy to forget to water at all. Having a regular schedule helps.

Even drought tolerant plants will need to be monitored their first summer until their roots are established. Even if the tag claims low water and “xerascaping” dosn’t mean you can plop it in the ground and forget about it. Once rooted out and established these plants are wonderful low maintenance options and a great way to conserve water in the garden but in their first season they will still need a little care to really thrive!

Plants that have been stressed by drying out are much more susceptible to disease and pests so keep those plants watered.

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