We value the health and well being of our team and our customers more than anything! In response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus we have decided to close the retail shop until April.

In light of Governor Brown’s plea to AVOID ALL NON ESSENTIAL TRAVEL we are suspending our delivery and pick up services at this point. We hope to have a more organized online ordering and curbside pick up system in place in APRIL once our employees rejoin our team and we have a better idea of which of our suppliers will continue delivering to the city.

We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to PLANT FOOD this season!

You can source vegetable starts from your local coop or natural health store as they will be able to continue receiving product even with a shelter in place order.

Coops often carry seeds. You can also order on-line Territorial seeds, Uprising seeds, Adaptive seeds, Johnny’s, Annie’s Annuals and Botanical Interests are some of our favorites.

Grocery stores often carry small bags if you need more that 3SF we would suggest ordering a yard of compost or soil and asking neighbors to share with you. Wood waste management and Mt Scott Fuel are great sources. If you can’t locate compost you can plant without it and amend around your plants later on.

We are still here to help. Please call or email with your gardening questions and we would be happy to assist. We will also be loading tips and suggestions to Facebook and Instagram, you can read month by month garden advise on the SEASONAL TIPS page of our website. We are also still scheduling GARDEN DESIGN SERVICES


We cannot express how grateful we are for our dedicated thicket family – we do not want to disappoint folks but feel this is the best course of action for our small team and the larger community at this time.