fruit treesWe are doing our Spring order for fruit trees. These are beautiful, large healthy trees that will produce this season so you don’t have to wait. We will only be bringing in trees that are pre-ordered so call us today and reserve your new fruit tree!

In 5 gallon pots $46 each

Arkansas Black
Braeburn Apple
Cortland Apple
Fuji Apple
Gala Apple
Granny Smith Apple
Jonagold Apple
Liberty Apple
Mountain Rose Apple
Pink Apple Lady Apple
Prairie Sky Apple
Red Delicious Apple
Red Jonathan Apple
Red McIntosh Apple
Red Rome Apple
Wealthy Apple
Winesap Apple
Yellow Delicious Apple
Yellow Newton Apple

Columnar apple
In 5 gallon pots $42
Golden Sentinel Apple
Scarlet Sentinel Apple

In 5 gallon pot  $56
Violette de Bordeaux

In 5 gallon pot $46 each
Blenheim Apricot
Morman Apricot
Puget Gold Apricot
Wenatchee Apricot

In 5 gallon pot $46 each
Flavortop Nectarine
Hardired Nectarine

In 5 gallon pot $46
Babcock Peach
Early Elberta Peach
Elberta Peach
Fay Late Elberta Peach
Frost Peach
Hale Haven Peach
Polly White Peach
Red Haven Peach
Suncrest Peach
Crimson Rocket

In 5 gallon pot $46
Blue Damson Plum
Burbank Plum
Hollywood Plum
Italian Prune
Mt. Royal Plum
Santa Rosa  Plum
Satsuma  Plum
Shiro Plum
Stanley Prune
Superior Plum
Toka Plum

In 5 gallon pot $46
Black Tartarian
Kristin Cherry
Lambert Cherry
Lapin Cherry
Montmorency Cherry
North Star Cherry
Stella Cherry
Sweetheart Cherry
Van Cherry

In 5 gallon pot for $46
Anjou Pear
Bartlett Pear
Flemish Beauty Pear
Luscious Pear
Moonglow Pear
Red Bartlett Pear
Seckel Pear
Warren Pear
Chojuro Asian Pear
Hosui Asian Pear
20th Century Asian Pear
Shinseiki Asian Pear

In 5 gallon pots $42
Hall’s Hardy Almond, (Prunus dulchis)
Nonparial Almond, (Prunus dulchis)
Colossal Chestnut
Walnut, Manregion

2 in 1 Combination Apple, (Maulus spp.)
In 5 gallon pot $48

3 in 1 Combination Apple
In 5 gallon pot $52

4 in 1 Combination Asian Pear
In 5 gallon pot $56

3 in 1 Combination Pear
In 5 gallon pot $48