We are closed up for the Winter but busy getting ready for next season. We officially open February fourth but you can catch us at thicket (by appointment) as we’re busy making plant divisions, pouring through growers lists and drooling over seed catalogs.

This season we have so many new and unusual plants coming in. I collected some amazing Tulips, Fritillarias and Jonquils in The Netherlands last Spring, they are potted up and waiting for warmer weather to emerge. We have also sourced some great new houseplants. My obsession with strange and lovely ferns was cemented in Florence last Summer when I visited the Hortus botanicus and their collection of over 250 varieties. It has taken some sleuthing, as well as a little cajoling and even a little pleading but we have some very cool ferns coming in this March.

The days are getting longer and Spring is on it’s way!

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