Now that the weather is getting warmer all sorts of horrid little bugs are on the prowl for our succulent little veggie starts. Help is on the way! – we will have ladybugs this Friday! Ladybugs will eat aphids, spider mites, thrips, and mealy bugs plus they are just darn cute!

These ladies come packaged with food and water so they are super healthy.  It is best to release the ladybugs during the cool of the evening. Mist water on effected plants so the ladybugs can drink once released. They will instinctively travel to the tips of the leaves where most of their prey is located. Once established ladybugs will lay their eggs on the underside of plants. The eggs will hatch within three weeks for the ‘next generation’ of natural pest control.  Watch for the larvae (which resemble little alligators) and pupa to transform into an adult after another week.