fall foliage
Anything that goes in the ground now will have all that winter rain to keep it healthy which means YOU won’t have to do so much work! Plus winter hardy plants that go in the ground now will have more developed root systems so that next summer they will be stronger, and more able to withstand the dry period and that means better blooms and all around healthier plants!

Autumn is a great time to divide anything that is getting crowded. Iris, bulbs, crocosmia and day lilies among others can really benefit from a little thinning, plus you can move your new clumps into other areas or better yet – trade with your neighbors for something you don’t have.

It’s also time to plant bulbs – and we just happen to have a shipment coming in next week. We will have some lovely and unusual tulips, jonquils, alliums and more! We will also have some narcissus and amaryllis for winter forcing so you can have a little burst of Spring over the Holidays.

Don’t forget about adding new veggies. There is still time to plant a round of lettuces and cold hardy greens like mustard, kale, spinach and arugula. And now is the best time for root crops like carrots and beets as the cold days coming will condense the sugars in those veggies making them super sweet and delicious! Broccoli and cabbage can also go in as well as onions and garlic. Or if you are ready to be done with tending the veggies consider planting a cover crop like clover, vetch or fava which will help suppress weeds over the winter, provide a little visual interest and best of all – they are a great way to get extra nitrogen into your soil!

September is the time to swap out any tied looking annuals with Fall interest. And it’s a great time to access which areas of the garden need a little pick me up. Summer isn’t over yet and we have all sorts of beautiful fall bloomers like echinacea, salvia and clematis. We also have tons of interesting evergreens that will keep your garden gorgeous year round, hellebore that blooms mid winter, evergreen grasses and succulents, some lovely conifers. Oh – so much more – come take a field trip to thicket today!