IMG_2926Now that summer is in full swing our gardens are bursting with veggies. But that doesn’t mean that you cant plant more! Now is a great time to start thinking about fall crops and even planting for spring harvests next year. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful climate that with a little planning allows for almost year round vegetable gardening. Here are a few tips on what you can plant now:

Once greens have bolted in the heat replant with arugula, asian greens, collards, kale, mache, spinach, mustard or lettuces.
Now is a great time to freshen up your herb garden, replant basil that has been damaged by slugs (or fervent caprese makers), do a second seed sowing of cilantro or dill. You can also fill in areas with something new like terragon, lemongrass or pineapple sage.
Short season crops like beets, radishes and carrots can be planted now for a fall harvest. And don’t forget that the greens of radishes and beets are delicious all on their own.
You can also plant hardy vegetables that will last into the cooler season: brussel sprouts, broccoli, raab, cabbage, cauliflower, fava beans, leeks and turnips are all great options.

Many plants that have bolted in the heat become bitter but they can still be tasty. The flowers themselves are delicious – Toss the flower heads of lettuces, broccoli, cabbage or radishes in a salad for a bit of color or texture. Even bitter greens can be yummy – saute lightly with a bit of soy to accent the intense flavor. If they are to far gone find a chicken or duck – they LOVE greens! And once harvested you will have more room for new plantings.