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Summer is in full swing! And what better way to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Invite friends over for a BBQ and dish up some of those veggies fresh from the garden or simply enjoy the view of your personal oasis. Now is the time to relax and be in your garden.
Of course there are always a few improvements and projects to work on so here are a few suggestions:






– Consider landscaping with xerascaping (low water) or native plantings and creating a lower water usage and lower maintenance garden.
– Install an irrigation system – remember when we suggested you install one in march -It would be pretty awesome right now!
– Cut old raspberry canes that fruited to produce new wood for next year, thin excessive growth or suckers and tie chosen branches in place.
– Move containers to a shady spot if they are stressed by the heat.
– If you are pruning any shrubs in order to produce wood for next years bloom finish by mid month so they have enough time to harden off before winter.
– Harvest vegetables regularly to encourage new blooms and prevent the seeds from setting.
– It’s to late to plant sun loving veggies but you can still do more cole crops or plant greens and brassicas for a winter harvest.
– Take a break and visit some show gardens.
– Explore some new recipes or can up some of the bounty.